​​ Lash On Wax Off Limited is an at home salon specialist in precision waxing and eyelash extensions based in Cambridgshire.

Whether it be a 30 minute Brazilian wax or eyelash extensions, we'll take you from Zero to Va Va Voom in no time at all! From head to toe we'll either glam your lashes or de-fuzz you all over, all in the comfort of our home based salon. This is time for you!​

Experienced therapist offering eye treatments such as eyelash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, eyebrow waxing, male waxing, female intimate waxing for  Cambridge, St Ives, Huntingdon, Cambourne, Newmarket, Royston, Alconbury, Arbury, Chesterton, Duxford, Haverhill, Ely, Stowmarket, US & UK Military Bases, Thetford, Histon, Milton, Impington, Cottenham, Haddenham, Wicken, Waterbeach, Landbeach, Fen Ditton.

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Lash On Wax Off  is owned by a straight-talking, light-hearted northern girl from the United Kingdom. Jen began to tackle Mother Nature back in 2008 and has been a fanatic and dedicated hair removal specialist since then. In 2015 she welcomed a beautiful baby boy so is currently juggling motherhood whilst building her beauty business in order to provide you with the best service around.​ 
Jen offers an exceptional service catered to each individual and provides a professional and friendly environment as well as sound consultative advice. As a specialist in Hot waxing, for intimate waxes in particular, Jen uses the premium brand Perron Rigot and in partnership with only the best techniques, this makes for a perfect wax every time. In 2010 she trained with Lash Perfect for semi permanent eyelash extensions and has scoured the UK for the best top quality products.​ Totally bespoke, with a wide range of style, lengths and applications, you'lll have simply beautiful, natural looking lashes that last. 
The low-down

Don't worry about your modesty! Rest assured, there will be no inexperienced faffing or fumbling. With cheerful conversation, we'll have you distracted from anything that is going on. However, for lashes you will feel utterly at ease and relaxed as we work away at making your natural lashes look 'Ooh La La!'  With each and every client, we tailor your needs specifically to you. Be assured, we will never apply lashes that aren't right for your own natural lash. It is our credibility at the end of the day and wouldn't want any damage to your lovely peepers! 

We pay attention to detail, from the service we give to the products we use - we are very picky and will remove every stray hair so you get the pristine finish you desire . Are you a wax virgin or had a bad experience in the past? Please do not fret. We are happy to say that we have won over quite a few of you and have never touched a razor since! We need something to work with, so at least 3 weeks growth please. To put it into perspective, we need hair that is as long as a grain of rice - no shorter and not required any longer.

At Lash On Wax Off, we only use the best products available. For Intimate waxing such as our specialist area - the Brazilian/Hollywood, we only use the premium french brand named Perron Rigot. This luxurious 'hot' wax is applied and removed without using strips. It lifts off the skin, gripping hold of them pesky unwanted hairs thus making it perfect for those sensitive area's.

For larger area's such as legs, we use Outback Organics - Their entire range is free from synthetic colouring, fragrances, parabens and other harsh chemicals. Within minutes you'll have realised that waxing isn't as painful after all. All the 'Wow' and no 'Ouch!'

Book now to get the 'Ooh La La' result you want at Lash On Wax Off!​      

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Our promise to you - Important information!

At Lash On Wax Off, we operate an exceptional standard of hygiene. So, a 'NO DOUBLE DIPPING' policy, meaning we don't dip a stick that we have just used back into the wax pot. If you ever see us or anyone else for that matter doing so - Get up and leave...

Here's why: Wax pots are kept at around body temperature. This is a perfect environment for bacteria. Think about it. You wouldn't want that lip wax knowing that the wax you have on your skin has been used on someone else's Brazilian. Yuck! If you see someone double-dipping, they could be contaminating the wax....Walk away!

No doubt you would have washed/showered before your appointment, however this doesn't mean to say that good hygiene stops there. At Lash On Wax Off, we always wear gloves and will never touch your skin without. This is not only for our protection, but for yours. Why? Well, waxing leaves your follicles open and can produce blood spots. Even if you don't get blood spots, we have crossed the blood barrier of the skin. and even if you see us wash our hands, there is still places for bacteria, such as under the fingernails.