Eyelash Extention FAQ's & Aftercare

Do I need a patch test? Even If I have had extensions on before somewhere else?
Yes. If you are a new customer of ours and have not been patch tested for extensions or for eyelash/brow tint, you will need to do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. As every lash technician uses different products and glue, we need to ensure that we minimise a reaction by doing a patch test before hand. This is not only for insurance purposes, but as a reputable technician who cares about our clients, if we didn't patch test we wouldn't be doing our job correctly; which is to keep you safe. We need to point out however, that by having a patch test will give us very good indication as to wether you are going to have a reaction - it does not rule it out. A reaction is still possible and can happen at any point (generally within the first 48 hours) The more exposure you have to the glue (which contains an ingredient called CYANOACRYLATE) the more risk you are to having a reaction.

So what is involved in patch testing for eyelash extensions?
As the glue is an irritant and will not touch the skin during application, we do not apply the glue to your skin directly. We place approx 3 lashes to each eye and use all the products on you that we would on the day such as under eye pads, tape, primer etc

How long will they last for?
Dependant on how you care for your lashes, they can last for up to 6/8 weeks but to keep them looking full and volumous it is best to have them infilled every 2/3 weeks.

Taking care of your semi-permanent lashes
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are wonderful because they are completely low-maintenance. Please do not get the eyelash extensions wet for 24 hours after they are applied. You cannot use any oil based makeup removers or products on the lashes or around the eyes. Should you decide to use mascara, only water-based mascara can be used on these eyelashes. The best care for these lashes is to just leave them alone, which is why they are so great – you will revel in the time it saves you in the morning when you pop out of bed looking bright-eyed as though your mascara and eye makeup is already done!

Does the procedure hurt?
No you should not feel any pain throughout the procedure. You will however be required to keep your eyes closed for the duration of your treatment to allow me to apply the lashes with ease.

How long does the treatment take?
A full set will take 1 and a half hours approx
Infills take less time, dependant on how many lashes need to go on.

Can I wear contact lenses?
Yes you can- the lashes are applied only to your natural lash and do not touch any skin or the inside of your eyelid. It does not affect the lens at all.

Can I get my eyelashes tinted?
You can get your lashes tinted before the procedure but not after, it is recommended but not essential to have them tinted if you have very light pale lashes, as this will darken the root and blend in with the lash extension. A patch test for any tinting is required 48 hours before.

Can I wear mascara with the lashes?
Generally it is advised not to wear mascara, for one thing you will not need to! The oil in the mascara can break the bond of glue and weaken the lash. There is oil free mascara available for extreme mascara addicts out there, please ask us. You can wear normal mascara on the bottom lashes.

Do they take off your own lashes when they come off?
No they should not take off your own lashes when you remove a full set, when properly applied they should not damage your natural lashes at all. Over a 6 week period, your natural lashes grow and shed, they will shed along with any extension on that lash, which is why you need infills on a regular basis.. You will lose approx 3-5 natural lashes a day due to the natural lash shedding cycle. If you pick, pull and brush too hard then of course they will come out along with the extension.

Are eyelash extensions right for me?
If your eyelashes are naturally very curly. frizzy/ kinked all over then it is very difficult to guarentee the endurance of the lash extension put on- please get in touch before booking. 

If you have had any eye complaint; 

Conjuntivitis (within the last month)                                                    
Diabetic Retinopathy                                   
Dry Eye syndrome  (medically confirmed and on going)              
Eyelash dandruff 

Then it is advised to not have eyelash extensions, therefore we are unable to complete any treatment on the eyes.

For the first 2 hours:
Do not allow water to contact the eyelashes.

For the first 2 days:
Do not wash eyelashes with hot water or steam the face and avoid the jaccuzi or hot steam bath/sauna.

Do not cover the eyelash area as this may cause the eyelashes to curl, break or overlap each other.

Do not get your eyelashes tinted or permed whilst the lashes are on, however this can be done beforehand.

Use only water soluble mascara:
Do not apply mascara on adhesive area as the mascara will weaken the bonding on your lashes - only mascara the mid-tip of the eyelash.

Use only oil free eye-make up remover.

Do not rub or pick the eyelashes.


It is recommended that you book for your first maintenance session 2-3 weeks after the initial application.
By this time, any premature lashes will have grown into healthy lashes for you to attach the new extensions to. This cycle will repeat itself month after month so there will always be a constant supply of healthy lashes to apply new extensions to.
Waxing FAQ's & Aftercare

Please ensure you are refreshed pre appointment.

Length of hair
The hair should be no shorter than a grain of rice (5mm). If you're having intimate waxing, the longer the hair, the more uncomfortable it will be, so you can trim the hair before your appointment or we will do it for you.

Aunt flow is in town, can I still get waxed?
If you are planning a Brazillian or Hollywood Waxing, all we ask is that you wear a fresh tampon. While it is fine to wax during your cycle, your skin will be more sensitive and the treament will be more painful at that time. Please also inform us before the treatment begins if you are on your period.

During the treatement, every step of the process will be explained to you and we may need your help. All you have to do is follow our instructions. Helping with skin stretching, getting into different positions and so on. Because of this, no mobile phones or magazines will be allowed during your treatment. This is about teamwork!

Waxing when pregnant
Absolutely! Sometimes, your skin may feel a bit more tender during pregnancy, but there is no harm to you or your baby. Make sure to discuss this with us first though. The more we know about you, the better service we can provide when we will wax you.

Are there any reasons that may prevent me from being waxed?
Certain medications and conditions, such as use of steroids or steroid creams, acne medication, including Retin-A, Renova, Differin and Isotretinoin. Also diabetes, varicose veins, poor circulation, contagious skin conditions, sore or open wounds and recent scar tissue may limit or prevent waxing treatments. Please ensure that you provide us with accurate information of any medications or conditions during your consultation. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us

When should I start exfoliating?
Start an exfoliation routine two days after you get waxed to help prevent ingrown hairs. If you have questions about what kind of routine would be best for you please ask us.

How long will the results last?
Everyone is different. In most cases, you will see minimal regrowth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increase after that. Continued waxing encourages slower, sparser regrowth. After your 4th visit, you should be able to go longer between appointments. So if you are wanting a leg wax and people tend to want them before holidays, it's best to get into a routine before hand so you have the long lasting results you desire.

Age limit
Please note that we are unable to wax anyone under the age of 16 without parental consent and presence of the parent throughout the treatment. We are unable to carry out intimate waxing treatments on anyone under the age of 16.
For 24-48 hours after the treatment

  • Do not touch the waxed area with unwashed hands.
  • Do not have a hot shower immediately.
  • Do not wear tight fitting clothing, friction or massage on the area.
  • Do not have a sauna, steam room, or other heat treatments.
  • Do not expose the area to the sun, sunlight or sunbed.
  • Avoid gym work, swimming or exercise.
  • Do not apply talc, make up, fake-tanning or exfoliate
  • Do not apply body sprays, deodorants, perfume, lotions or other products to the area other than those recommended by your therapist.
  • Do not use soaps or shower gels on your waxed areas during your first hair free shower. Just rinse off by lukewarm water.
  • DO apply your therapists recommended products to the waxed area regularly for 2-3 days after the treatment. Always wash your hands before applying any products.
  • AVOID personal contact after intimate waxing​