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Welcome to Lash On Wax Off, a professional at home waxing experience!

PSSST!.....Did you know that if you host a waxing party for 4 or more people, you will receive £10 towards any treatment over the price of £15, PLUS you and your friends will qualify for 15% OFF the total amount of their treatments!*

*T&C's Each person must book 2 or more treatments, you must spend at least £40.00 on treatments and you cannot use any other discount or special offer code.


Believe it or not there is such a thing as a pain-free wax (OK.. almost!). Providing quality waxing products are used, professionals are highly trained and have perfected the correct waxing technique, a pain-free wax is possible!

We cherry-picked the finest manufacturer of high quality waxing products from Perron Rigot Paris and combined with our expertise, we have the perfect recipe for super safe smooth results. We believe that great results, require great products and an expert can only provide those results.​ **To provide you with the best possible wax, hair length is required to be no longer than a grain of rice (approx 3 weeks growth)


Ok so... Those who have never had an intimate wax before, we want to assure you that at Lash On Wax Off is strictly professional and yes have seen it all before. Please do not fret. When it comes to the day of your appointment, you are required before hand to make us aware of any conditions or allergies you may have as this may effect any treatments you may have. Please see our FAQ's and Aftercare section for further information. You will be given before and after advice and be recommend some basic tips following your treatment.  

The Low-Down - For intimate waxing, you will be required to take everything off from the waist down, there will be no inexperienced faffing or fumbling and will explain everything from start to finish - At no point will you be in the dark about what we are doing or what to expect. 


From legs, arms and underarms to facial waxing and intimate waxing. From Brazilians to Hollywood’s - You name it we wax it! We use only the finest quality hot wax from Perron Rigot, specially formulated to grip the hair and not the skin. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
You can email or call us on – 07895 48 48 19

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Waxing and Pregnancy
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Bikini waxes are completely safe for most pregnant women and plenty of pregnancy do-it-at-home groomers will move on to the salon professionals to take care of things once the bump gets in the way.

As your bump begins to grow, you might find it difficult to shave unreachable areas. This could be a potential hazard especially when using a sharp razor! Waxing is perfectly safe.
Some women feel that waxing is little more painful during the pregnancy due to the increased skin sensitivity and blood flow. However, others say that they experienced no change when waxing during pregnancy at all. Due to hormone changes, the growth rate of hair increases, even giving you hair where you once never had any... Or at least you thought so.​​